Monday, April 29, 2019

Our spelling this week is au/aw words. Rule: Use au beginning or middle aw at the end
unless it is followed by a single n, k, or l. Exceptions: Paul haul awe, awful, awesome, awkward.
Please study anyway you desire.

In Math we are learning about equal sets, repeated addition, and arrays,
foundations for multiplication next year. We will also be studying famous
inventors and inventions.

On the last Tuesday of school in May we will have our field trip to the Safford
Pool. We will begin with a picnic at the nearby park and then swim from 12 to 2.
Parents are welcome to meet us there and enter with our group. More information
will follow. We have made this a reward event, so any child who has a severe
discipline problem from last week through May that requires a trip to the principal
will not be allowed to go. Also any child who receives 5 behavior points will not be
allowed to go. I don’t believe this will be a problem for any of the members of our
class, but it is a grade-level decision, so remind your student to be on good behavior!
If you have any questions, be sure to ask me.

Upcoming Events:
April/May: Pennies for Patients fundraiser
April 24/25: Talent show auditions
May 9: Talent Show 1:30 and 6 PM
May 14: 2nd Grade pool field trip 11-2:30

May 16: Last day of School